"To develop a complete mind:  Study the science of art; study the art of science.  Learn how to see. 
Realize that everything connects to everything else." Leonardo da Vinci

2017 was SPARK, a year long celebration of the relationship between the arts and science. 
One of the goals was to establish partnerships and collaborations, and one of the outcomes was the formation
of the ART-SCI group, which continues the spirit of SPARK.  This group of faculty members has collaborated
to sponsor events and offer curricula designed to foster discussions about the convergence between the arts and science. 
Since then, a group of undergraduate and graduate students formed SEMINARIUM, a club with a similar mission.

Current Events

Seminar by photographer Ian van Coller, Naturalists of the Long Now
Room LiNC 128, 12:00pm May 19

Art-Sci is co-hosting (with Spring Creek) Ian van Coller, a professor of photography at Montana State University who does a fantastic job of incorporating science in his art. https://www.ianvancoller.com/ 
Ian's visit to Oregon is through a collaboration with Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology's residency program and with JDC Fine Arts in Gleneden Beach. 
Ian's work will be on view at JDC Fine Arts May 21 - June 25, with the artist's reception May 21 5-7:  https://www.jdcfineart.com/
Ian will also deliver the Spring Keynote for Sitka on May 17, online and free. Register at Sitka’s website:  https://www.sitkacenter.org/events.

 Photographer Ian van Coller on ice

ART-SCI STUDENT FELLOWSHIPS  Thankyou for your applications!
Stay tuned for announcement of the 2022-2023 Fellows




Past Events


Abstracted: Where Science Meets Art and Music, Little Gallery, March-April 2022
 Click here for a video tour. And here are two multimedia compositions from the exhibition: Weapons of MicrodestructionMurky Waters.

Owen Premore: I Hope This Works, and Other Suggestions, Trukenbrod Gallery, March 2022

Woodworking in the Amazon Rainforest, March 2022

Soundbox 5: Interstitial Spaces: Collaborations & Creative Catalysts, February 2022.

What Will Nature Do? - Exhibition and seminar series, October 2021

In Time of Change:  Microbial Worlds--Mary Beth Leigh, University of Alaska, September to October 2020

Ken Van Rees - Director, Centre for Northern Agroforestry and Afforestation, University of Saskatchewan: BLACK CARBON (exhibit) and THE COLLISION OF SCIENCE AND ART:  PAINT, SOIL, AND CHARCOAL (lecture), November 2019

Through the Lens: Tools for Extending Our Vision and Knowledge through History, Dr. Melissa Santala, OSU Professor of Materials Science.
October 10, 2019; 4:00 pm

Rivers, Salmon and Disease in a Time of Change/Source2:  Jerri Bartholomew, August 2019

Weapons of Micro-destruction:  Jerri Bartholomew, Andy Myers and Dana Reason, May 2019

Willamette River Sculpture:  Dedicated Spring 2019;

Artist Residents in Labs

David Buckley Borden: Designer-in-Residence, Harvard Forest - April 2019

Michael Schulteis  Venn Pirouettes - October 2018

Languages of Nature:  Little Gallery, May-June 2018

Communicating our Vision of Nature:  Scientific Illustration Through the Ages:   David Maddison, April 2018

In a Drop of Water:  Hatfield, March-April 2018

Evolution of a Superbug:  An Interdisciplinary Conversation about Antibiotic Resistance:  Michael Baym, Betts Cole and Dana Reason, November 2017

Microbiomes:  To See the Unseen:  The Corvallis Art Center, May 2017

Microbiomes:  Connecting the Communities:  Nash Hall, April 2017

Microbiomes:  Imagining the Unseen: Little Gallery, March 2017

Arts-Science Convergences at OSU:  April 2016




All HC Classes
HC 407 Soundscape Ecology Seminar - Winter
HC 407 The Art (and Science) of Storytelling - Summer

HC 407 Art of Science / Science of Art - Fall
HC 407 Have Rocket Will Travel - Fall
HC 407 Da Vinci 101 - Fall
HC 407 Imagining the Universe - Fall and Winter
HC 407 Data Driven Enchanted Objects - Winter
HC 407 Found Objects:  Material Culture, Meaning, and Memory - Winter
HC 407 Life - The Biosphere Through Space and Time - Winter
HC 407 Biomimicry:  Wisdom and Inspiration from Nature to Solve Human Challenges - Spring
HC 407 Plastics for Poets - Spring
HC 407 Electric Nature, Digital Storytelling - Spring

WSE 211 - Woodturning with Science I
WSE 406 - Turning Sculpture
WSE 413 / 513 - Woodturning with Science II
WSE 414 - WSE Art & Design Capstone
WSE 516 - Introduction to Sculptural Woodturning




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