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Evolution of a Superbug

Evolution of a Superbug

Evolution of a superbug jpg of poster

Michael Baym, Asst. Prof. Harvard Medical School

Bets Cole, Artist

Dana Reason, Contemporary Music Studies, OSU

The science of microbiology tries to measure and understand complex microscopic systems using the scientific method. In the same way, artists seek to understand complex form and abstract thought using visual language. We kow that some bacteria (generally known as "superbugs") are developing resistance to common treatments and much of it is due to the excesive use of antibiotics. Join resercher Michael Baym, Harvard Medical School, to hear how he made this process visible; Oregon artist Bets Cole to learn how this research inspired her painting; and, OSU composer Dana Reason to learn how sonifying visual data can perhapslead us toward new and unexpected collaborations. The public lecture was held November 15, 2018, at The Art Center, 700 SW Madison, Corvallis.