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Mission Statement

Seminarium: A place to sow the seeds of knowledge.

We are #Seminarium, a group of grad students, undergrad students, faculty and staff at Oregon State University dedicated to celebrating, discussing, and discovering the intersection of Art and Science.

Contact: Grace Deitzler;
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Painting by Stephen Atkinson. Acrylic on canvas.

This painting was done by Stephen Atkinson, one of Seminarium's faculty members. Acrylic on canvas. I saw the sculpture material as a strange alien cell.  I painted a set of these aliens drifting in the troubled fiery sky of a disturbed landscape.

Artwork. Mixed media.


Photo of Paris Meyers and Nick Bira standing in front of artwork.

An art piece by Seminarium members Paris Meyers and Nick Bira combines welding, coding, and data to create a representation of Paris' social media popularity with time. By hitting the sculpture and creating loud noises, the audience/participants can see how variable data can be, given any perturbation of the system, from a small hit to a large disturbance.

Photo of glass, paintings, and digital artwork by Jerri Bartholomew.

Seminarium: Planting the Seed. Jerri Bartholomew created this work of art out of glass, paintings, and digital art. The images of roots, shoots and leaves were carved in plaster and then the glass was melted over them to create the relief image. The piece was cast as a long block and then cut into squares and beveled using a tile saw. These can be arranged to create different combinations of plants, much as sharing ideas leads to creation of new ideas.

Photo of artwork by Masha Gessen.

Why Measles is a Quintessential Political Issue of Our Time; Masha Gessen, New Yorker, March 2, 2019 #2 (Justice Comment Series) Seminarium member Amy Gibson 2019